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High Definition Printing on Metal Photo Panels

At Maize Ink we combine Chromaluxe­™ metal photo panels with the latest Epson print technology, this allows us to provide you with premium quality images on the worlds most stunning media.

Print your photos on a variety of metal photo panel sizes and surface finishes. Desktop & wall mount options available.

If you’re not sure what design your friends or family would love, our team is happy to help create a custom print just for them!


About Chromaluxe Metal Photo Panels
Benefits of ChromaLuxe Metal Photo Panels

metal photo prints ChromaLuxe

Resolution: Make sure all elements are set to 300 to 350 dpi (unless otherwise stated). Images taken from the web tend to be low-resolution, which can result in blurry or pixelated prints.


High Definition Metal Photo Panels Printing Service

High Definition Metal Photo Panels

Benefits of Metal Photo Panels

Capture your best photos or favorite artwork with ChromaLuxe Metal Photo Panel Prints.

• Your images are infused onto our premium metal photo panels to create an eye-catching look
• Gloss, Matte and metallic finishes available
• Combine photos to create a perfect metal photo collage arrangement
• Enjoy long-lasting, gallery quality inks & definition

Elevate your photos & artwork with the extraordinary clarity, archival quality that is only available with ChromaLuxe metal photo panels. We’ve tried a lot of different metal photo media, in our opinion ChromaLuxe is the go-to provider of premium dye sublimation metal photo panels and our current choice for delivering the highest quality products.

Metal Photo Panel Printing Service Maize Ink

What are Chromaluxe Metal Photo Panels?

ChromaLuxe is the world’s leading manufacturer of high definition sublimatable photo panels. Through dye sublimation, images are infused directly into specially coated sheets of metal, wood, and table top panels to create the most vibrant, durable, and longest lasting photo medium in the world.

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Custom Metal Prints Make Wow-Worthy Gifts

Custom metal prints make wow-worthy gifts.

Metal prints are made of aluminum and have a white base coat that makes colors pop.

Custom metal prints make amazing gifts for any occasion.

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect print for your loved ones.

You can order prints in a variety of different sizes and styles to fit just about any space.

Do metal prints look good?

With no frame required, the prints have a sleek, clean look that is ultra modern and allows all of the attention to be on the subject of your photo.

A handy hanger can be attached to the back, making mounting the prints on the wall quick and simple.

What is metal panel photo?


Metal panel photo is an art form that uses metal panels as the canvas. The artist uses a variety of metalworking techniques to create a unique piece of art that can be hung on the wall or displayed on a stand.

Metal photo panels are a type of picture frame that use metal to create a print.

They come in different sizes and shapes, with different finishes and coatings.

They can be used to display photos or as part of a wall décor.

A metal photo panel is a type of photo that uses a metal surface to create an image.

Metal photo panels have a wide variety of uses such as for artwork, product photography, or even as part of a company’s branding.

Metal photo panels, unfortunately are often more expensive to produce than other types of photo, but they may be worth the investment if you plan to use them frequently or market your business heavily through photography.

If you’re considering using a metal photo panels in your home or business, be sure to research the different types and options available before making a purchase.

What are metal photo panels like?


Metal photo panel prints are a unique way to display your photos. They are made by printing the photo onto a thin sheet of metal. The metal print is then mounted to a black metal backing and comes ready to hang. Metal prints are a great way to show off your photos and add a touch of modern style to your home.

ChromaLuxe metal photo panel prints boast exceptional brilliance and clarity in every photographic product.

ChromaLuxe allows for images to be infused directly into coated metal sheets, meaning each and every detail is vividly and accurately displayed.

ChromaLuxe photographic panels are easy to mount in both interior and exterior environments and do not require additional framing before hanging.

Every metal print from ChromaLuxe is lightweight and easy to carry, relocate or display without additional mounting hardware required.

Are metal prints popular?

Metal prints are popular

They don’t cast a reflection, and therefore are not shiny like our acrylic prints.

White metal offers amazing color contrast and brushed metal allows you to leave areas of your photos white und see the brushed pattern untouched

Metal prints are popular

They are durable

They do not fade or corrode over time

Features of Our Metal Prints

ChromaLuxe prints feature exceptional detail and clarity.

ChromaLuxe prints are archival quality and resistant to environmental factors.

ChromaLuxe photographic panels are easy to hang, lightweight, and flame resistant.

Finish and Coating Options

There are a variety of finishes and coatings available for metal prints.

Gloss White is an excellent finish for any subject.

Select size, orientation, and product options to create the perfect collage.

Gloss White

Gloss Clear

Semi-Gloss White

Semi-Gloss Clear

Matte White

Matte Clear

Our Metal Prints Offer Fantastic Qualities

ChromaLuxe metal prints offer exceptional detail and clarity.

ChromaLuxe substrates and coatings ensure images will be displayed with vivid accuracy for a virtually ageless medium.

ChromaLuxe panels are easy to mount in both interior and exterior environments, without the need for additional framing or hardware.

All ChromaLlux products meet ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke development, making them safe for use in all environments.

Durable Beyond Belief

Great Print Quality

Latest Technology Innovation

Alternative to Traditional Print

Metal Prints Hand-built to Perfection

ChromaLuxe metal prints are in a class of their own, boasting exceptional brilliance and clarity in every photographic product.

ChromaLuxe substrates and coatings mean images are rendered in a virtually ageless medium that can withstand environmental factors such as sun and rain.

Personalized presentation is possible with both wall-mount and easel configurations.

ChromaLuxe panels are easy to hang without additional framing, making them perfect for interior or exterior environments.

Every metal print from ChromaLuxe is lightweight and easy to carry, relocate or display without additional mounting hardware required.

It Starts with The Highest Quality Materials

Choose the highest quality photos to turn into metal prints to get the best results.

Choose between a glossy or matte finish depending on your desired look.

Choose the right finish for your photo print based on where it will be displayed.

In order to create high-quality content, it is important to partner with the right people.

It is also necessary to have the correct tools and resources in place.

Making sure that your content is of the highest quality will ensure that it will be successful.

Exceptional Images Deserve an Exceptional Presentation

ChromaLuxe produces images with exceptional detail and clarity.

ChromaLuxe’s substrates and coatings protect images from environmental factors, making them virtually ageless.

You can choose from a variety of presentation options, including wall-mounting and easel display.

ChromaLuxe products are easy to transport and hang without additional mounting hardware required.

Photos On Metal

Photos on metal are high-quality, durable prints that are perfect for modern industrial walls.

Photos on metal eliminate the risk of glass breakage and provide a sleek, modern look.

Metal prints are available in sizes small and large to suit any room.

Create Modern Wall Art with Custom Metal Prints

At we offer custom metal prints that are both durable and scratch-resistant.

Metal prints are available in sizes small and large to fit any room.

There is no need for a frame with metal prints, making them very sleek and modern looking.

Choose either the hanger attached to the back makes mounting easy or an acrylic stand for a stunning desktop presentation.

Create unique décor for your home with our eye-turning metal prints.
Perfect for any home or office.

Metal Photo Panel Printing

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Metal Size

4×4, 5×7, 8.5×11


White – Gloss, White – Semi-Gloss, White – Matte


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